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Premium Yoga Mats

Every Enforcer is going to love these badass black yoga mats. The mats are extra-thick, super durable, and make the perfect accessory for any FORCE workout, whether it’s a one on one session, or a group class.

Product Features

  • Extra thick 1/4″
  • Extremely durable
  • 74″ x 24″ x 1/4″
  • Phthalate free inks and dyes
  • Completely latex free
  • FORCE branded

FORCE Fitness Yoga Mats


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Monday – Thursday 630pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am

Use It, Move It, Build It

An energetic HIIT workout without any external equipment! A tremendous mix of Compound Bodyweight Movements through all planes of motion with Plyometric and Isometric exercises. Great for Coordination, Flexibility and Endurance.

A Familiar Challenge

Traditional Group Fitness with Dumbbells. Blast your muscles, head to toe, with this high volume, total body resistance workout through timed intervals. Highlighting each pillar of motion, expect Compound Movements with and without weight, Plyometrics, Balance and Coordination Exercises plus plenty of Abs!

Muscle Maelstrom

The extreme of the extreme workouts. This class has it all. Begin with an extensive Mobility warm-up before progressing to a complete Strength workout utilizing our full arsenal of equipment. Then ramp up your Cardio with an intense Conditioning Circuit. Finally finish off the workout with an intense Burnout followed by a dynamic cool down. This is the ultimate Strength and Conditioning challenge; will you make it to the end?

Burning is Earning

A mix of High Intensity Interval Training and Circuits that primarily focus on Mobility, Bodyweight Movements and Light Weight Training. A great counterpart to heavier Strength and Conditioning Classes and excellent for weight loss. Expect a Full Body Workout with Tabata Rounds, Plyometrics, Yoga and a lot of Core!

Man Your Battlestations

Leave the Dumbbells and Pop Music at home. This class is centered around Military style training drills where you can expect to work as a team. Warm up with basic, high rep, bodyweight movements such as Push Ups, Squats, Sit Ups and more before moving on to a grueling challenge of Partner Exercises, Team Competitions, Relays and Obstacles. Push your Cardio to the limit with intense Combat exercises carrying Heavy Bags, Ground and Pound drills and a high intensity Boxing workout. This class exclusively uses unconventional equipment such as Sledgehammers, Sandbags, Tires and more to give you an aggressive, full body workout.


Traditional and Unconventional exercises to work your core with a range of equipment. Utilizing TRX Suspension training, weights, isometric exercises and intense burnout to close out the session.

Machines Break, Beasts Evolve

An intense Strength-Endurance and Conditioning workout featuring a wide range of equipment. Features Mobility Training inspired by Animalistic Movement, Compound Strength Exercises and high level Endurance Training. This class includes a variety training methods and an ever changing format.

Fight for It

Warmup includes mobility of the hips, shoulders, wrists and ankles. Moving on to a Technique segment to practice and improve various Martial Arts Strikes and Movements. The core of the class is a Strength and Conditioning Circuit that mimics Martial Arts competitions from as light as three 3-minute rounds and as grueling as five 5-minute rounds. Recover with a proper cool down and stretch.

Repair. Rebuild. Regain.

A class dedicated to resting your body and relieving your muscles of resistance through Mobility Exercises and stretching. Refresh your body with structured Self-Myofascial Release techniques and progressive Band Stretches. Finally, replenish your energy with a Yoga sequence.

Obstacle Race Training

Ideal preparation for Obstacle Race performance. Begin with a dynamic warm up of Bodyweight Movements and stretches you can replicate at the race. This class focuses on improving your Endurance, Mobility and over coming obstacles. Improve your grip, pulling ability, and overall strength in your legs and upper body. Get hands on experience and practice with Rope Climbs, Material Carries, traversing High Walls and Crawling, just as you would on encounter on competition day.

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