I began my journey into Mixed Martial Arts in 2008 while living in New York City. At a time where I was having difficulty figuring out what I wanted to do with my life, I decided that what I truly needed was to develop a new set of skills. Growing up, I had played many sports, was very physically active and competitive, therefore I focused  on learning something that would  complement the two.

I always enjoyed watching martial arts movies- one in particular was “THE KICKBOXER”. This movie developed a curiosity in me as a child to try the art of Muay Thai. The ability to fight using your whole body -punches, elbows, knees, kicks- was simply astonishing to me. I did my research and visited an academy that offered the art and took my first class. From there, I was hooked!


Over the course of the first few months, I developed the fundamental skills of Muay Thai rather quickly and began training for my first Amateur Fight. The thrill of winning  that first fight is something that will live with me my entire life.

Soon after, I began to transition into Brazilian JiuJitsu, Free-Style Wrestling, Boxing and Judo.  By combining and training all these different arts together, I began to pursue a fight career into Mixed Martial Arts. As an amateur, I competed in 15 fights in MMA and Muay Thai before beginning my Professional career in 2013.


Mixed martial arts has given me a purpose. It has given me something to strive for, something to work for and most importantly, a way to give back to the community. My passion outside of mixed martial arts is teaching. I have always enjoyed helping others and being the motivation for someone’s journey in martial arts and health.

Your Trainer,
Angel Corchado

Professional MMA Fighter
Martial Arts Instructor
AED & CPR Certified
Children’s Martial Arts
Group Fitness
Combat Fitness

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